Why Am I Writing A Post About Bob Saget?

Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos were staples of my childhood, but that’s not why I’m writing about Bob Saget. I audibly gasped when I saw the news that the actor and comedian recently and unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 65, but that’s not why I’m writing about Bob Saget. Well, not really.

I feel weird to be dedicating an entire blog post to Bob Saget, especially considering the fact that this is a parenting blog, and especially especially considering the fact that my posts are hardly regular these days. So a blog post about Bob Saget is really quite out of place. But here it is. A blog post about Bob Saget. And here’s the reason why.

Like many of us, thoughts of Bob Saget have seldom crossed my mind over the past couple of decades. Why would they? He’s hardly the target of tabloid news or a topic of daily conversation. But suddenly, there he was. Because suddenly, he wasn’t.

I felt sad to read the headline announcing his passing, especially when I learned that he was only 65 years old. Celebrity deaths are strange. It feels almost overstepping to mourn celebrities, because how do you mourn a person you never actually met? And yet, it feels strange not to mourn them, because often you feel they truly were someone you knew. To many of us, Bob Saget was a bit of an enigma. As Danny Tanner, he was a dorky, yet compassionate dad you couldn’t help but love and admire. But as Bob Saget, the standup comedian, he was raunchy and inappropriate, but undeinably hilarious.

But as Bob Saget, the person?

This is why I’m writing about Bob Saget.

To read even one of the tributes written about this man, you’d be hard-pressed not to choke up a little. But once you continue to read more, a pattern emerges. They are all heartbreakingly beautiful. And they are all the same.

To those who knew him, Bob Saget was a man who loved deeply. He was a man who let people know that they were one of the main characters in his life, and who made such an impact that he became a main character in theirs. He never ended a conversation without saying he loved the person he was talking to. He never shied away from telling his friends how much they meant to him. How talented they were. How important they were in his story.

And this is why I’m writing about Bob Saget.

The loss of any good person is monumental and devastating to those who loved them most. And I know, we tend to put those who have passed on a pedestal once they’re gone. But oftentimes, you can truly feel the greatness of a person in the way they’re remembered. And that’s what I just can’t seem to shake when it comes to Bob Saget.

Can you imagine, being so steadfast in who you are that every single person you’ve known would say the exact same thing about your character when you weren’t around? And can you imagine knowing that what everyone you know says consistently is how beautifully you loved other people?

Regardless of the role he played, whether the person who memorialized him knew him best as dorky Danny Tanner or Saget the foul-mouthed comedian, to each and every one of them, he was the same. He was Bob.

It’s what’s making me think a lot about Bob Saget (which is something I honestly never thought I’d hear myself say). Reading the firsthand accounts of this celebrity passing have made me think more about a way of being that I want to strive towards. An aspiring something, if you will. I want to love my friends and family so deeply and enthusiastically that they know it without me having to say a word – but I’ll choose to make a point of saying those words anyway. I want to be so true to the person I am inside that it doesn’t change, regardless of the group of people I’m around. And I want that person to be such a positive and loving force that people want to be around it.

Bob Saget wasn’t living his life in preparation for a beautiful eulogy, but he lived it so wonderfully, that that’s exactly what he got. I hope I can remind myself to live a little more intentionally in this way. Not for the eulogy, but for the incredible connections living a joy-fuelled life can create while I’m still kicking around. I hope that I can remember to choose love, show love, and be love to the people I surround myself with – and to throw in a cuss word or two just to keep everyone on their toes.

And that’s why I’m writing about Bob Saget.

*How many times did I say ‘Bob Saget’ in this post? Honestly, I lost count, but it felt too formal to call him ‘Saget’ and too personal to call him ‘Bob’. So, ‘Bob Saget’ it is.

15 thoughts on “Why Am I Writing A Post About Bob Saget?

  1. Thank you for this post. Everything you said is the same thing that I’ve been saying in my head for the last week. I have never been crushed by the news of a celebrity death – but here I am – crushed. I have been struggling to understand why I am so upset over the death of someone that I never met. Reading the news and posts about Bob Saget’s death has brought me to tears several times. So, thank you for sharing your feelings and telling me that you feel the same way. It helps to know that I’m not the only one.


  2. Feel absolutely the same way as you do. I watched Full House, saw Bob Saget’s stand up on Amazon in the past.
    Because of the love he spread I’ve started listening to his podcast, the regular love injection. I’m going to spread that love around. Love you, Bob Saget.
    Thank you for the post.


  3. This captured perfectly what I’ve been feeling all week. It’s really remarkable the way ppl are talking about him – so loved and so giving of love. I’ve thought I want to be more like Bob Saget this week too and that’s not something I ever thought I’d write! Thanks for sharing this- it’s a lovely piece.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. It’s so beautiful to see the outpouring of love for him. I really never realized what kind of person he was off screen or stage, and it’s nice to hear how genuine and loving he was.


  4. Thank you so much for writing an article that so ELOQUENTLY captures the spirit of the late Bob Saget.

    When I read the news about Bob Saget’s death I have to be honest and say my heart broke💔 into a million pieces 😢

    Like most people around the world 🌎 my formative childhood years were tied to special memories of sitting infront of the tv 📺 and watching Full House 🏠

    Watching Danny (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and the WACKY and LOVABLE Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) raise three girls was life changing for me.

    Bob Saget was truly PURE MAGIC🦄 in that when he LOVED❤ he LOVED 💗 completely and made sure that those closest to him knew it.

    I think we all can unanimously agree that Bob Saget definitely left us with some amazing memories to remember him by 😭


  5. Thanks so much for this tribute to the loving Bob Saget. Hearing of his passing was heartbreaking to me. We all have sat around one time or the other and watched Danny Tanner go through the trials of raising 3 girls. He touched so many people in the kindest of ways.
    The tributes are what tore me up. Reading how each of his friends and family all said the same thing about knowing he loved them. It inspired me to sit down and write my friends letters and tell them how much they mean to me. This made me realize the importance of letting those in our tribe really feel that genuine love…now after I am gone they never will doubt that I loved them. I have started to be more aware of the “I love you’s” and I want to verbalize that love now.

    I appreciate you writing this. Bob Saget left us all with some wonderful memories to remember him by. He gave me the gift of awareness…Godspeed Bob


  6. I’m on tears because I feel the same way. How can you miss someone so much, that you never even met? When I saw the bulletin of his passing on TV that interrupted another show I verbally yelled, “NO!” My son has been watching Full House with me lately and he has grown to love it, too.
    I feel so misunderstood most of the time because I love so deeply and it has backfired on me. A lot of people around me don’t understand that kind of love. I too, am a hugger. If I hug someone extra long, someone takes it the wrong way. Misunderstood. Most of the time I don’t get invited to go places with people who are supposed to be my friends, who go out with other friends. I’m a people person. I need to be with people, but I’m always at home wanting to love on people. I don’t know why my love is so wrong. Anyway, I feel so much like wanting to “Hug like Bob” and love like Bob, but feel I would again be misunderstood. So for the people that DO want to be around me and will embrace the love I give, I will continue to be a hugger and I’ll throw in a “Love You”.
    Thanks for this blog post. It was beautiful.


      1. Google recognised my interest in everything that has to do with Bob Saget after he had passed away so they are sending me regular updates from Bob’s wife Kelly, his daughters and his FH family. Also, I’m getting interesting articles. That’s how I got yours. Grateful 🥲


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