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Why My One Year Old Still Has 0-3 Month Old Clothes in His Closet

What is the household chore you hate the most? Scrubbing the toilets? Cleaning hair out of the shower drain? These ones are bad, but I’d take ’em any day over the one that consistently leaves me a weepy, sobbing mess before, during and after its completion.

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The Ten Commandments of Adulthood

Last week, I turned 29 years old. I am starting to realize that I no longer really fit into the category of “Young Adult” and have officially graduated into the territory of “Regular Adult”, which is sometimes just referred to as “Adult”. This is kind of terrifying to me, because I have recently learned that,… Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Adulthood

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Happy Birthday, Wild One

I followed every piece of advice I could find on Pinterest to make sure that we were ready to start our new family the right way, but no amount of cooking, cleaning, or nesting could have prepared me for you.

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Finding My Way Back (The Story of an Aspiring Runaway)

Did you ever run away when you were a kid? I was catching a ride home with one of my coworkers the other day, and she told me about the time when her son announced to her and her husband that he had finally had enough and was moving on. He packed his bags and headed to… Continue reading Finding My Way Back (The Story of an Aspiring Runaway)