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Dear PAW Patrol: I’ve Got a Few Questions

To be totally honest, as far as children’s television goes, PAW Patrol is not so bad. The storylines are entertaining enough, the dogs are cute, and the ever-important themes of trying your best and working hard run rampant. That being said, watching this show on a fairly regular basis has started to get me wondering about a few things, and I felt that a blog post would be a good place to get them off my chest.

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How to Support Someone Experiencing Infertility (And How Not To)

When one of my friends who has recently experienced the physical, emotional and financial rollercoaster of infertility told me that she was thinking of writing about her experience, I jumped at the chance to ask her if she would let me publish it on my blog. I felt that it was fitting that she wanted to keep… Continue reading How to Support Someone Experiencing Infertility (And How Not To)

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I Hope I Don’t Forget

For 2017, the main resolution that I want to keep for myself is being more present and mindful. Life goes by so incredibly fast, and each moment that passes can never be brought back. There are so many things that I don’t want to forget that I’ve decided to keep a list for myself. A… Continue reading I Hope I Don’t Forget