The Gift I Hope to Give My Kids

Sometimes it’s hard living 3 hours away from my family, especially now that we have kids. I’ve been fortunate to sneak in a lot of visits with my parents over this past 11 months since I’ve been on maternity leave with our second baby. After my mom and dad left today, I was reflecting on what a blessing it is to have such a close relationship with them, and how much I hope that this is something I can pass on to my own kids, which was the inspiration for a poem (something different for the blog!)

The gift

The shelves are filled
with shiny things
with noisy buttons
sparkling wings

And I
would buy them all for you
there’s nothing that I
wouldn’t do
to show you
that you’re nothing less
than pure perfection
and the best
decision I
have ever made
there’s nothing that I
wouldn’t trade

But more than boxes
full of stuff I
want to make
this world enough

Enough that you
can feel secure
enough that you
don’t have to endure
a second of pain that I
could erase
one single tear to
sully your face

Enough that you
always feel proud
enough that you
can think out loud

Enough that you
will speak the truth
enough that you
look back on youth
and know that you
were treasured more
than what I
could buy in a store

Would every moment you
from days when “you
were just this tall”
be warmth that you
can almost hold
in hands that feel
the bitter cold
the realness and
the trials of
a world that says
“just rise above”

Would I
create the stepping stool
to boost you
up when life is cruel
would I
remind you
that you’re worth
more than each penny
on this earth

Of all the things that I
could do
this is the gift I
want for you
the present you
can open up
to give you
when things get rough

It might not seem
like much right now
but when you’re grown
and wondering how
or what to do
or where to steer I
hope these words
ring in your ear

This gift was given
once to me
the gift of love that
says “just be”
be you
be sure
be at peace
be it known
that wherever you
go you
can always come home.

–  kayla young


2 thoughts on “The Gift I Hope to Give My Kids

  1. I think your poem is beautiful, Kayla and shows how much yo7 love ‘Family’! We alway# knew that, but now, it’s nice to see it in words. Love you!


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