How to Live Your Best Life (Lululemon Lunch Bag Wisdom Style)

If you work in a place that employs a large numbers of females, the refrigerator in your lunch room is likely exploding with Lululemon shopping bags that have been repurposed to live their second (slightly less glamorous) lives as lunch kits. This is a trend I have noticed at most of the schools I have worked at, and I will be the first to admit that one of said lunch bags belongs to me. I love my lunch bag because it is not only environmentally friendly and durable, but it’s also incredibly stylish (I’ll contact you later for my endorsement cheque, Lulu). Clearly, it’s time for me to treat myself to some new wear every minute of every day yoga pants, because I’m pretty sure the bag I’m currently sporting hasn’t been in production for approximately 3 years. But I digress.

All over my bag are inspirational messages about how to live a better life. You know the one. I’ve read it so many times while waiting in line for the microwave that I nearly have every quote memorized. Eventually, I began to imagine some of my own life enhancing pieces of wisdom that I would like to include on my own Lululemon bag, should they ever get their act together and give me a call.

10 Pieces of Wisdom Included on My Special Edition Lululemon Lunch Bag

1. Pack a salad for lunch so you can spend the rest of the day thinking about how hungry you are.

2. Wake up before the sun rises because your child has been screaming for the past 19 minutes and you have no other choice to greet the new day as it begins.

3. Give yourself an unofficial birthday week. Spend 7 days celebrating yourself and allow others to do the same. It doesn’t need to involve presents or special events – just think about how awesome it is that you were born and allow yourself to feel special. There has to be cake, though.

4. Clean like no one’s watching. Sigh like no one’s listening.

5. Become friends with someone who owns a cat so you will always know who to go to when you need an emergency lint roller (we all keep one in our car, our purse, and our desk at work).

6. Don’t always leave the fun stuff until later. The laundry will still be there when you get home.

7. Resist the urge to throw your hands dramatically in the air while screaming, “COME ON, BUDDY!!!” at the person driving 28 km/h in front of you on your way to an open-invite barbecue, because they will most certainly be the third guest to arrive.

8. Don’t just take pictures of important moments in your life. Take videos, too. There is nothing better than sitting down and watching movies of yourself and the people you love when all of you were younger.

9. Treat. Yo. Self.

10. Stop reading your lunch bag and talk to someone for a change.

xox k

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